Saturday, July 26, 2008

Its Saturday...

So its Saturday morning is good.
Today we are going to try & find a pet shop that sells hamsters, we tried last weekend but could not find one.
At this time, back in California, my parents, my sister & brother & all of their kids & family are in Tahoe on the Annual Jaferian Klan 3 day getaway.
I wish we were there, it is so much fun, the kids are great to spend time with in the water & on the beach. We rent a big house each year right on the lake, we bring food, cook & party & play games, its really fun. they called me on their way yesterday.
I have a great family, I mean just like any family we got our stuff. You can not be a Persian family without stuff, guess you can not be any kind of family without stuff, but I love them all & I would not trade them in for anyone. above there is picture of my fun parents on the beach in Puerto Rico just last month. They are so funny. Love the shorts for a man in his 70s and a girl in her 60s they look pretty good.
Hope you are having a good weekend. More beads on Monday, I played with Triton for the time, can I just say WOW.


ginny said...

I bet that this is what you really miss most-----more than your presses!

Jelveh Designs said...

Well Ginny that goes without saying, I did say that in the post I think anyway...
Guess what we got a new family memeber...

ginny said...

I just saw that new family member! That Sam is adorable! I know that you and Martin will enjoy him!