Thursday, July 31, 2008

They are here...

Our stuff came today...its all over the house, guess where I am going? to the studio to open boxes and find the presses and make more beads.

I can unpack clothes



Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New BEADS...Finally

I got beads up for you, one set sold already, I will be listing others, but first I will send everyone an email.

thanks so much for stopping by...



Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sunny Montana...

Hi all, happy beady Wednesday to you...

Check out the cute photo of my other mom (hubby's mom) & one of her other sons Dobby, out for a fun bike ride in Sunny Montana. Another lovely day to spend with our family that we missed out on.

Beads later today for sure...I promise, I even have a couple of pumpkins coming.



A Preview...

A preview of some beads I will be listing later today on Etsy...there is more but you have to come back to see them.

Remember how I complained about the hot hot weather, well last night it rained like you would not believe.Now its gorgeous again.



Monday, July 28, 2008


Yes well, you would not think so, but its been really hot here in Oxford, I lasted all about 2 hours in front of the torch, before I had to give up. I know a few weeks ago all I could do was complain about the rain & the cold wind, but such is life. With the kiln, the torch & the muggy hot weather we are having here, it was like making beads on the beach in Bali in the middle of the summer, save for in Bali after it gets that hot & that sticky a nice afternoon rain cools everything down. This is not the case in Oxford

Hopefully I will make more on Tuesday. I will have some beads to list today...we shall see how much time I am going to have after shipping is done.

Thanks for stopping by...



Monday Monday...

Hi all, hope your weekend was good, we got a new hamster named Sam, Sammy is so cute, I loves him.

I am going to be making beads most of today & a bit of shipping. All who have won beads on this blog need to send me their address so I can ship your know who you are. have a great day.

Jelveh. Peace

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Power of the BAD eye...

A couple of posts below I was talking about my parents, how much fun they had on vacation in Puerto Rico last month (dad got sick in Philadelphia & they missed a day or two of their vacation) & how my whole family is on vacation now in Lake Tahoe for a few days. I got a call from my sister this morning very early, saying they had been robbed in Tahoe, the very nice large mansion that they had rented, was broken in to while they spent the day at the beach. They are upset, the kids are upset & they are coming home, the place was gone through pretty bad, they lost a couple of cameras & a DVD player that belonged to my sister's little boy. Which I am replacing since his birthday is just next week.

Why is this post called Power of the Bad eye, well because in my culture & in fact many of the oldest cultures in the world including Christianity, we are warned of people being envious of others & what they have & to watch out for this.

My friends in Turkey always tell me not to speak so much of the greatness of my family & my life, just in case a person who is listening, would feel envious & without them even knowing it, the Bad eye or (as the Italians call it & have made glass beads for it for thousands of years) the Evil Eye would show its true colors.

You may not know the whole story of people's lives. For example, how my parents trip to puerto Rico was a gift & a result of saving for many months to be able to go, or my sister & her family saved for months so they can go on this trip to Lake Tahoe, what you hear is not always as Rosy as it sounds, life is good, one should never be envious of others lives, just be happy for them. I have a Friend in California who's grandparents are from Mexico & the Evil eye is commonly known in her day to day life as the Haters, those who can not stand the happiness of others, so they COVET & or are ENVIOUS of what they think they do not have.

So today I am sad for my family, for their vacation going bad, but you know what, I am happy for them always, as their hearts are good & they are safe & sound.

Jelveh. Peace

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A New Family Member...

Today we went looking for a new family member, those of you who know us, know that we love little hamsters & have had 3 of them in the past 8 years, who have all moved on to the next part of their journey in the universe.
We found our new family member today, his name is Sam. He is a Syrian Hamster, larger by 3 times than our other hamsters who were Russians. This guy is so cool, he is soft & has long hair that you can brush, he is very funny & from what we see so far has a great curious character.
He is already full grown at 3 months. At the pet shop they called him Big Boy, when we were taking him & all of his home & goodies away, all the people who work at the shop, gathered around to say goodbye to him.
In the photo you can see how he already loves me. I hope, I hope.
He is now resting in his new home & getting used to us, we wont play with him for 24 hours so he can settle in a bit.
We are so glad we found him...he is lovely.

Its Saturday...

So its Saturday morning is good.
Today we are going to try & find a pet shop that sells hamsters, we tried last weekend but could not find one.
At this time, back in California, my parents, my sister & brother & all of their kids & family are in Tahoe on the Annual Jaferian Klan 3 day getaway.
I wish we were there, it is so much fun, the kids are great to spend time with in the water & on the beach. We rent a big house each year right on the lake, we bring food, cook & party & play games, its really fun. they called me on their way yesterday.
I have a great family, I mean just like any family we got our stuff. You can not be a Persian family without stuff, guess you can not be any kind of family without stuff, but I love them all & I would not trade them in for anyone. above there is picture of my fun parents on the beach in Puerto Rico just last month. They are so funny. Love the shorts for a man in his 70s and a girl in her 60s they look pretty good.
Hope you are having a good weekend. More beads on Monday, I played with Triton for the time, can I just say WOW.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Does anyone know???

Hi all, do you know how to make the returns show up in the blog entry. I seem to not be able to get them to show, so my entry looks long and with out any breaks. Help. Jelveh. Peace

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Waiting...FREE BEAD

Do you ever just wait & wait? until you forget what you are waiting for?Here in England I wait at the post office for so long, 1 hour 15 minutes the other day, I feel like Bart Simpson, writing on the black board in my mind over & over, "I will never ever say another bad thing about the post office in California. Take the case of our stuff, you know, bedding, photos, decorating goods, cool things we have collected from out travels, our carpets, our beds, oh yeah & there is the matter of 700 pounds of glass, 3 of my torches, all my presses, all the rest of my tools & all the goodies to make jewelry with, including my silver, crystals & what have you. We have been waiting since the end of May for our STUFF to arrive from America. We have already bought a ton of bedding, since what we had with us is not really enough, I had brought a torch & initial set up, also I have purchased a ton of Glass from & countless other items. So apparently the wait is over, we should have our stuff soon. Cross your fingers. Be the first to Guess what I am missing the most out of my stuff & get a set of 3 beads. Leave the guess here in the comment section, this section is moderated, but when I post your comment, it will have a time stamp on it, so we will know who was first. OH yeah I have new beads....enjoy. Jelveh. Peace

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beady Tuesday...

Hi all, hope your Monday was good...mine was marginal. I got some work done, gearing up to do a big update some later today and some on Wednesday for Etsy...and maybe even a quick update note to all.
I am off to the torch for a bit. The Beads in the photo are sold in the past, I just like to add a bit of eye candy everyday.
Have a great day.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What's in a NAME???

Ok. Happy Monday.
Here is a couple of collage photo of some of my old beads, these photos are just a few of the sets I made as early as 2002 to late 2006. As most of you know the number of bead sets I have made runs over 4000. But back in 2006 I stopped putting them in the archives of my site, back when my dad was sick, I was too busy to worry about it. For the past year of course you can find the beads I have sold in the sold section of my etsy shop.
I was looking for some beads that someone said I made & was selling them under my name in a bracelet, which turned out not to be mine, just my name was in use...I was flattered really. But while I was looking I fell upon some of the photos of my past beads & decided to use them to ask about NAME changes for old designs, when they are being made by newer artists & designers, as in the case of some of the clothes we see today.
For some time now, I have been seeing some beads listed on line & in the forums, lovely beads, no issues there, but the design names are confusing to the past I have made these beads, I have seen other artists & glass bead makers who came long before me, also make them, some designs have been around for a few hundred years really.
From the time I Started making beads about 8 years ago til now, the two designs that I am talking about have been called Harlequin (& its many different branches, thats the triangles that come together or past one another to the other side of the bead with good encasing) & the other is the twisted encased stringer bead. Now they are being called Wigwag & Ribbon beads. my driend Ilknur was even trying to show the twisted strigner encased bead to me as a new design in the class that I was teachign in Turkey last month.
Not sure when this happened, not sure why folks think these are new designs that need new names. I wonder why this kind of thing happens at all & not just in glass bead making?
My friend who is also my mom in-law & I, talk about this all the time, how the new generation changes the name of something the last generation has been doing forever & then calls it a new idea, this comes up mostly when we talk about political ideas. I am however noticing this trend in everything anymore, from folks wearing the puffy shoulders of the 80's & those horrible bright primary colors & calling them new designs, to that big ugly belt that everyone, here anyway, is putting in the middle of their waist over everything they wear, which is also a total recall from the 80's for sure. Some car designs, some home designs, even some movie & book plots, all recalled from the past.
What do you think? why is there this need to stamp something that has been around for some time NEW? Is it because we all need to feel like we are the creators of our own time? is it because there is no more creativity left & we just have to recycle everything to keep it fresh, every 20 years, what goes around, comes back around. Should I have kept my big ugly belts, my big shoulder clothes, in the primary colors? Say it ain't So??? when it comes to beads should I remake my past beads?
Or am I just getting older???

Sunday Haps...

Hi all, hope you had a great weekend, ours was rather nice & calm, mostly walked in Oxford & looked for a pet shop that would sell us a hamster, never saw an open pet shop or a hamster for that matter...the weather was great, & we happened on a "keep green" fair & I may have found a couple of new friends to hang out with here, 3 great artists, one a silver jewelry maker, one beading jewelry maker & one who makes jewelry with her own fused dichro glass art. Life is good. Jelveh Peace

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A great Hair Day...

Well as promised here is the hair photo after it was fixed on Friday, much better, dont you think?
Hubby & I are off to a small fair at a park near by & pet shop browsing & such...who knows we may even find a friend to bring home, we shall see.
Have an awesome Sat. remember to vote for your favorite colors below on the right hand side & your favorite shape on the poll on the right.

Friday, July 18, 2008

It's all about Shipping...

Well not exactly all about shipping, today I have a re-do hair appointment with the same person who turned it Orange on Tuesday, I know you think its nuts to go back to her, but to her credit the hair did calm down it is now a lot less Orange than the first day. I think I will be fine. I have an appointment at the health center, I love the English health system, because it is tax dollar/Vat funded & run by the government, they try to fix you so you don't have to keep coming back for more meds & tests.

Wish we could have this in the US. So after a billion years of just getting meds for my asthma, my doctor here is actually trying to get me better, & I am, for the first time in years I don't need to use my inhaler all the time, my allergies to certain things have become less of an issue.

How do you like the bead photo, its an old set I am thinking of remaking? Oh the bit about the Shipping, so Ladies, Sue, your win beads are ready and will ship today...and a whole lot of other purchased beads are shipping today as well.

Hope your day is as good as mine is going to be.

Jelveh Peace

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Great Bead Day...

Hi all, last night we had a great dinner with my hubby's very nice boss. then walked home in a perfect Oxford night. loving England, but missing California much too...we are planing on going to Amsterdam in Aug. its great being here, we can see all of Europe bit by bit over the next few years. Anyway I know this is going to be a great bead day, cause after I list a couple of new items on Etsy I am going to spend the day in the studio making a few special orders and some winner beads... Have a great day and drop me a line, if you want to chat or if you have a color suggestion, go to the bottom right hand side of this page and vote for your favorite colors.... Jelveh Peace

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not too Orange today...

Hi all, if you have read the last few posts you would know about my Orange hair... The hairdresser did tell me that it would settle down and become darker in a few days, so today my hair does look darker, in fact I now only have some lighter reds/Orange tones left near the roots...the rest seems to be getting darker... Who knew, hair dye that settles, perhaps she was not doing it wrong after all.... Added new beads.... If you like you can get an email every time there is a new post on this blog, just go to the bottom of the page and sign up for it... Jelveh Peace

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New BEADS...

Hi all, by now you should have gotten an email from me letting you know about my new blog & new beads... I will be short this time around, few reasons for this, one is that its about 12:45 here & I have had a rough day which you can read about in the last post...second reason, there are 3 more posts before this one that you may want see, there is eye candy, there is stories, photos & such... I have decided that July 2008 will be the last month for weekly bead giveaways, this marketing idea I think has reached its end, I am replacing it with new marketing ideas on this blog, the first one is simple the first 3 people who respond to this post will get a set of 3 beads for free... I Thank all of you for the votes and for the fun we have had over the last 5 years + time that I have been asking you to vote for my site for weekly free beads...but the time has come to move on from this idea....I will pick winners for the weekly for the month of June and July...and will post them here on Wednesday... Bead listing, I will be listing about 3 new items each day, I will only send out a newsletter once a week, so you must stop by here, my site's daily specials or my etsy shop, to see whats new...hope that is my new blog & etsy will allow me more time to make more beads, which is what I really like about my work... thanks again for all the support, hope you will like the new blog & the new ways...don't forget to vote for your favorite color beads at the lower right hand side of this page... Jelveh Peace

Greek Yogert Honey...

You ever have one of those days? you are going along, life is good, you have made great beads, the house is somewhat clean, you have got the whole day to do nothing but list beads, pick winners for the last of the weekly contests & send out an email to all... Then it happens, you have one of those creepy odd days, while you try & figure out why you were screaming at the guy on the phone in India, hired by the guy who owns your bank in the UK handling your realize, its not your fault its not his fault, its no ones fault, sometimes life just is what it is... After the odd phone conversation, I had the worst hair dye job I have ever had, folks you have got to see this, perhaps not!! I am going back to have it fixed on Wednesday...if I feel brave I will take a photo for the blog, anyway, its light Orangey red all over the crown and darker red everywhere else, it looks as if my red root have come out and I need a root fix, save for my hair is all black, blue black when I went in and asked for a burgundy red colors....AARGh...So after that my ODD hair & I had to go to the bank downtown oxford to sort things out there. "Yes, that was really me trying to purchase tickets for our trip to Turkey in September on line..." I say, "oh OK, no worries then" the guy at bank tells me, "sure you can spend your money going on trips...its just our policy to look out for out of habit spending..." Out of habit spending, I was just in Turkey for 3 weeks...Perhaps I am planning on going back...So I will try & list my yummy beads for you today, its now almost 6pm...perhaps you have to wait till Wednesday for new beads...who knows... On the way home, I got myself introduced to a flavor of Ice Cream I had never had before, Greek Yogurt Honey...yummmmmmm life is good Jelveh Peace

Monday, July 14, 2008

Stonehenge, over the weekend...

Hi all, how was your weekend? good I hope. Ours was amazing...we took a train from Oxford to Salisbury & visited Stonehenge, the lovely town of Salisbury & its lovely Cathedral...which has the tallest spire or tower of any cathedral in all of England, it is the 4th tallest in the here to see photos.
Stonehenge was rather amazing in of itself...the bus we took was the best know we sold our cars in America before we moved to England & we have not looked back since...Here we have access to an amazing public transportation can take a bus or a train or a combo of the two just about anywhere...Walking that other great & seldom used mode of transportion by me in the past, is also wonderful, just check out the picks, I actually like my photos for once in a long time...
OK back to Stonehenge, I loved it, we are going to go back to see it with a more private group when it is not so busy, I am glad you can not get too close to it, as I could see how the trample of visitors would destroy the site in no time... Then we went back to Salisbury, visited a bead shop that was so so, no artist beads at all...hoping to change that I left my card with the manager...we had the best lunch/dinner at a Donnar Kebab place...don't remember the name, but we will go back...the owner was from Turkey & loved the fact that I had just come back from his home city of Istanbul...there is a saying in our house, if there is a Kebab place anywhere we are, my hubby Martin will find it somehow...he just knows these things...
Then we casually walked over to the Cathedral...oh my gosh, two other times in the past I have been so overwhelmed by site...the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA, that first look over the edge just took my breath away, then the same thing happened in Cappadocia in Turkey....and now the Salisbury Cathedral, we just turned the corner & there it sat...we got dizzy trying to look at the top of the is just a site you can not describe in photos, one has to stand in front of its might to see what I mean...the thought that 750 years ago man was able to build it, just boggles the mind... Cool note, there was a small replica of the whole place inside while it was being built, it depicted all the areas of the build project, including a large Hot Shop where they made the glass right on site for the windows & such...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Graduation & Final Beads Turkey Class...

Hi all, last week sometime I promised more photos from my trip to Turkey, this set of photos are from graduation & the lovely beads made by my students that were on display on the infinity pool at the Glass Furnace . the photo above shows off some of Miss Fulya's awesome beads that she made in class...
I will leave the names and descriptions out as my students know which are their beads and well this way there is more time to make beads... thanks for looking Jelveh Peace

wow, I got a blog....

Hi all, I am changing my ways, moving in to the new world, after having my web site forever, selling my lampwork beads on ebay and then on my own site for the past 7 years, after I moved my shop to favorite way of selling, I have finally decided to have a blog... what do you think about this? daily updates and more, links & more...oh yeah go down a bit to your right and vote on the glass bead color question...pretty please... Jelveh Peace