Friday, July 18, 2008

It's all about Shipping...

Well not exactly all about shipping, today I have a re-do hair appointment with the same person who turned it Orange on Tuesday, I know you think its nuts to go back to her, but to her credit the hair did calm down it is now a lot less Orange than the first day. I think I will be fine. I have an appointment at the health center, I love the English health system, because it is tax dollar/Vat funded & run by the government, they try to fix you so you don't have to keep coming back for more meds & tests.

Wish we could have this in the US. So after a billion years of just getting meds for my asthma, my doctor here is actually trying to get me better, & I am, for the first time in years I don't need to use my inhaler all the time, my allergies to certain things have become less of an issue.

How do you like the bead photo, its an old set I am thinking of remaking? Oh the bit about the Shipping, so Ladies, Sue, your win beads are ready and will ship today...and a whole lot of other purchased beads are shipping today as well.

Hope your day is as good as mine is going to be.

Jelveh Peace


ginny said...

Hi Jelveh:
Yesterday I sent you good bead thoughts. Today I am sending you good hair thoughts! LOL
PS Still no email about a new post. I am sure that I did something incorrectly!
Is anyone else getting emails when you have a new post?

Jelveh Designs said...

Hey girl, just got back from the hair appointment, it is awesome, I will have Martin take a photo later to show how cool it came out, this time the person who does color did my hair and course they did not charge me...

about the email, not sure if anyone is doing this, but I will ask again & try to find out what it is all about...


Bosphorus Glass said...

Hiii Jelvehjoon.
I can't wait to see your new hair girl!!! I am sooo happy to hear that you liked it this time.
Love that set on the photo, you certainly should make them again. I made a couple of new beads and I posted on my blog if you'd like to see them.
Have a wonderful weekend honey.
Talk to you later.
Give my loves to Martin. :)

Jelveh Designs said...

Ginny, Martin said to check your RSS feed under your favs, that should show you the blog, not sure why the other way is not working...

Anonymous said...

I adore this bead set. The design and colours are fab. I am just now catching up that you have moved across the pond! Oh my!