Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Birthday...Sister

Today is my sister's birthday...she is the best sister ever, a bit of nut case, but being from my family that is expected.

She is awesome, from the kind of work she does, which I could never do, working at a breast cancer center, doing biopsy & mammograms, to being a great mom to a couple of awesome kids & a wife. On top of it all she is very nice...just last week she did a biopsy with the Dr. on my mom, she was fine with it. A few years ago, I was in a Dr's office with my mom, she was getting a procedure done, lets just say it was not pleasant, I passed out, while holding her hand for support, the Dr. had to get the nurse to help me up & take care of me!!

She is much braver than I am. Anyway Sweet Sister, have a great birthday in San Diego, I miss you much & will see you at Christmas...her son's birthday is on the 3rd, happy birthday to the little guy too...

Beads soon, I promise...



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