Monday, August 11, 2008

Camden Market...

Over the weekend, Hubby & I went to London to visit the famed Camden Market. It was raining pretty hard, but we had a blast, it is perhaps the best Bazaar I have seen anywhere, although you will not find the same kind of items as you would in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, you would find just about anything you want, I am not even sure what more we could have found, it goes on & on, in & out of buildings, side street, & under ground & right off the street...its not really just a market as it feels like a market town...amazing...

click here to see a few photos of our was hard to get the camera to focus & most sellers did not want photos of their shops taken, some of the outer stores did sell a lot of things not hand made, but there was just as impressive as a collection of Vintage, Antiques & of course Handmade Art...I even met a very nice glass artist who is from Turkey, she will be taking my advanced class in April in Istanbul at Glass Furnace... Hope yours was good too...Thanks for stopping by



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