Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Queen & Yummy Beads...

Or I could say I am the queen of yummy new beads, Hi all, hope you are doing well below is a quick look at our busy life...

Packing (mostly hubby & Penny, a bit me),Walking, Hubby sick with Cold,I pamper Jelveh Sick with Cold,Hubby pampers,lymph node mad & in pain at the back of my head,Packing, walking,working on the computer(both of us),working out shipping issues.

Sammy the Hamster is going to America,Packing, giving away stuff,Making Beads,Fun,talking to family & friends on skype,Valentines Day, cards presents, sweet love,Dinner,A Night With Queen at the New Oxford Theater

Dancing in the living room,Life is Good,Hubby Birthday,Dinner & Movie,Happy,Hubby is awesome

Making Beads,clean beads,take photos,Packing,Life is Good

Got Dates & Tickets to go back to California,Will miss England,Can not wait to get home,Life is good,More Beads for later,Movie He's Just Not That Into You, Good

So I did make some yummy beads this for this week, I have listed them in the shop click here to see, or to the right of this posting...

The winner of last week's beads is Ginny...I think the girl has a secret thing going on with my hubby, since he has picked her name more than any other in the random drawings that i have had for about 6 years now, Congrats girl, here is to the power of creating our own On to the new bead above, love the way it came out, the mix of colors is amazing, a yummy landscape measures win it, all you need to do is make a comment on this blog, tell me about your happy busy lives...& have a thing with my

I am selling my Oxy Con, you bead makers out there who live here in the UK, let me know if you are wont work in the US due to power issues.

Thanks for stopping by, Life is always good...




Noggy said...

Unique. I love this almost looks as if its a living thing in the eye of a microscope.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bead!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jelveh,
It does sound like you are having a wonderful week, in spite of the upcoming move. Good for you!!
We just got to our home in Breckenridge Colorado yesterday. Will be here about 3 wks...looking forward to some good skiing and some Great relaxing!! Especially the RELAXING part.
We are surrounded by tall pine trees and mountains. Of course, I brought my beads with (some Jelveh beads too of course). I do some of my best designs while here, the views are so inspiring!
Have a great week!
Sandi R from Texas

ikkinlala said...

It sounds like you're way busier than I am! I'm housesitting and doing a few farm chores for some friends, but for the most part I've had time off lately to read and knit.

Sue said...

Hi Jelveh,

Enjoy the final days in England. Packing can be stressful so take a few minutes to enjoy the unique qualities of that special city.

My life is changing quickly, but it is good. I love the bead!


Ingrid said...

I can sympathize. I have a little baby girl due in 4+ weeks. I'm oscillating between feeling like that is a lifetime away, and right around the corner. So much to do! So many big changes in a short amount of time! Good luck with everything.
~ Ingrid

Kristen said...

Jelveh, the new beads are just beautiful! I'm going to go stare at them some more! :)

Anonymous said...

i love this bead, sunset comes to mind! my 'a' on my keyboard is not wanting to print so i have to stop and press hard everytime i want to use it. makes for crazymaking typing!! pace yourself!!! love your blog, lisa d., portland, oregon

juju said...

wonderful beads and so glad I bought this one. Sounds like you are going to be very busy with packing and moving.
Looked at your pics on Turkey class. I spent a month in Turkey several years ago and loved both the country and the people.

Anonymous said...

love the new bead jelveh! - as a matter of fact i really like all the new beads you made this time - i am in the process of getting ready to go to cuba for a short holiday - haven't been far from home in years - going from -30c to +30c!!

ginny said...

Oh, wow! How lucky can one girl be? Today would be the day that I don't get on my computer until it is almost time for me to go to bed! I vowed to stay away from this time-sucking machine today until I finished some jewelry that I had started.
I like the form of your blog today--little bits and pieces of all kinds of things and not in complete sentences. It reminds me of poetry--I think that I would call it a collage of thoughts. LOL!
Now, you know that Martin doesn't keep any secrets from you. Plus we are across the pond from one another!
Good luck on the packing

Vered - MomGrind said...

Yay for dancing in the living room!

Audrey said...

This bead is amazing!! Was at your shop - "hearted" you! I really wish I lived closer to you - would love to watch the whole process of making your awesome creations!!

Carolyn said...

Love this bead. Looks like you have California on your mind. I can see mountains, the ocean & maybe a sunset if you look close. Hope you and hubby get to feeling better.

my7kids said...

Beautiful bead!

I don't have a busy life at all... only have 6 of my 7 kids still living at home, plus doing hand dyed, recycled yarns for my Etsy shop. You can check out my shops and our family antics at the links below. Thanks for the chance to win!

My7kids Yarn Boutique
HeartFeltFun Accessory Boutique
My Thoughts on Life, Yarn, Kids, and Other Stuff

krisybird said...

I saw your post in a thread on Etsy, and had to go look at your beads! I absolutely love them! You do amazing work! How could I have been here this long and not seen you??? Thanks for giving me something new to look at and wish for! BTW, is that good-looking man in the pic your hubby? (wink, wink, nudge, nudge...) lol.
Take care, Krista