Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving All...

Wishing you a yummy Turkey day, well to my clients in America...we already had a nice dinner with some new friends on Sunday, you can read about it on the last post...

I made a lot of yummy new beads this week, had about 4 hours at the torch, that was really fun, although by the end I could not feel my toes it was so cold out there...check out the new beads here

The bead above is this weeks giveaway, I made it with a layering method, it has a lot of depth, it is a rather yummy focal bead in shades of mostly greens, it is about 25mm along the hole x 29mm wide...

To win it, please enter by making a comment on this blog, let me know what you are thankful for in your life & would love to know what everyone is up to this holiday...Winner will be picked by hubby in a couple of days...

Have a great Thanksgiving & thanks for stopping by...




ginny said...

Hi Jelveh:
As I mentioned in my last post, we are going futher south in Florida to spend Thanksgiving and a few extra days with my mother.
Oh, gee, what am I thankful for? There are so very many things that I couldn't put them all in this post. So some top ones are
a wonderful husband
three great children & spouses
five marvelous grandchildren
some fabulous friends
living in America
freedom to pursue my interests
where I live
my education
Last but not least-your beads!

Vered - MomGrind said...

I'm thankful for my family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jelveh Designs said...

Hey Ginny girl, that is a lot of good stuff to be thankful for and thanks for including my beads...
I am thankful for a ton of things too, here are a few:
my awesome hubby & best friend
some great family & friends
the fact that we are all healthy
Being an American for sure
being able to do what I love
being healthy
being able to travel & have adventures
and of course knowing folks like life is so much fun, thanks for all the love...

Jelveh Designs said...

Thanks Vered...happy turkey day to you too...

Shana Spears said...

Hi Jelveh,
I have been so blessed in my life it is hard to know where to start with my thankfulness. I guess that my most precious gifts are my wonderful, supportive, and always there for me husband and my two great boys. They have added so much to my life that I'm just amazed at how I made it the first part of my life without them. I'm also thankful for:
special friends
God's beautiful artwork that is everywhere around me
Living in Colorado
The internet that allows me to connect with great artists like yourself so that I may enjoy the beautiful things you creat

Have a lovely weekend!

Jelveh Designs said...

Shana, I love colorado too, used to live there in another life time, many years ago...
have a great holiday...

Jean E. said...

Hello Jelveh,
Your giveaway bead is truly gorgeous! I like that layering method & green is my fave color.
I'm thankful for:
God who blesses us abundantly.
My husband who loves/cherishes his family and is the hardest worker I know.
Our children who keep us young.
Our house and food/clothes/clean water.
Good health.
Our extended families.
Being an American.
Our car & van, although older models they run well & thankful for gas to put in them.
Thanks for internet, computers, and online friends!
Thank you Jelveh for your blog, I always enjoy reading it and am happy I'm on your mailing list. Your beads are as beautiful as ever.
Jean Estrada

Jelveh Designs said...

Hey Jean, glad all is well and good with you and yours, thanks for the kind words...

Libbie said...

Hi Jelveh,
I'm in the SF bay area and it's raining here today which is great since we need it! I'm going to spend Thanksgiving day taking care of lots of cats for petsitting clients who are out of town. I will take a break to have dinner with close friends and my husband. I'm thankful for my great friends, my two sisters with whom I'm close, and my love for animals!
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Jelveh Designs said...

libbie, have fun in the city, I miss San Fran so much, we should be landing there in about 3 weeks for the Christmas holidays...
have a great thanks giving...

Sue said...

Hi Jelveh,
I am thankful for family, friends, God's blessings, and His beautiful creation. Even with the current turmoil, America is a truely great place to live. It is fun to see you enjoying our heritage there in England. The Brits did so much around the world in their "glory days" and most of the good influences remain.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jelveh, much to be thankful for. My wonderful husband of 43 yrs. (Tomorrow...Thanksgiving.. will be our anniversary :o), 3 wonderful children and 6 precious grandchildren ages 2-7 (with one more on the way!!!) We are blessed with good health and great friends as well.
Speaking of family...all ours live withing 15 minutes from us, so we will be celebrating at our daughters home. There will be 19 of us (we always have a couple of extras like the elderly gentleman who is in a wheelchair that we befriended at the nursing home my mother was in the last year of her life.) His family just dumped him there about 8 yrs. ago, so we have adopted him into our family. I am thankful that could never happen in our family.
Hope your Thanksgiving is great.
Sandi from TX!

Anonymous said...

hi jelveh, wow, drop dead gorgeous bead! i am very thankful that i can still walk. i have a tumor in my spine that is slowly destroying nerves from the waist down. i also have a loving family that i am so thankful for. thanks for asking, lisa d., portland, oregon.

Jelveh Designs said...

Hey Sue, its fun being here in
England, specially now after we elected President Obama, it was a bit dodgy to say "I am an American" before that...mostly the Brits are very nice however, and I am starting to sound like them a bit...which is funny, I had friend from Texas for a while in San Diego, by the end of the first week of hanging out with her, I sounded like I was born in Texas...
anyway happy thanksgiving girl...

Jelveh Designs said...

Hi Sandi, sounds like you are going to have a lot of fun at your Thanksgiving are all very kind people...its all about love after all...

Jelveh Designs said...

Lisa girl, I am so glad that you are still ok with the walking too, I know we have talked about this before...I hope you have a great Thanksgiving too...thanks for all the love...

Anonymous said...

Its a gorgeous day here in Sunny Florida with just a bit of a chill. I'm going to my daughters house, which is just a few blocks away. My son is also coming and my 6 grandchildren will be there also. I still have to bake the turkey and dressing. I'm so Blessed to serve a Mighty God.. My husband is the best and my children and grandchildren. We are Blessed to live in America. I'm blessed to have wonderful friends. I'm just Blessed. As Always you are a Blessing Carolyn

LisaL said...

Thankful for so much! My MIL has bone cancer and I am so thankful that all of her 6 kids with families were all able to visit for this Thanksgiving. Aside from this and all the other things that most of us are thankful for, I am very thankful that my 15 year old son is such a good driver to drive all of us the 1.5 hours there and back safely. :o) -Lisa

erinberry said...

Beautiful bead!

We are thankful that our daughter is finally legally ours now; we've been in process to adopt her for 2 1/2 years! We spent Thanksgiving here in Guatemala.

Nancy said...

Hi Jelveh,
I just received my winning bead in the mail and I love it! I just realized last night from your blog, that I had won it. Thank you so much (and thank hubby for drawing my name!). I can't wait to make it into something to wear!
What am I thankful for at this moment?? YOU! :) said...

Name that bead:

"Milla Antigua"

Because today I read about an ancient insect fossil. And your bead made me think @ an ancient millipod!

Hugs, Randi