Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What a Day!! Awesome...

Hi all, I, like many of you watched the inauguration with lots of hope & was great to see so many people come together for one cause in such a peaceful way...congrats to the new President & to all of us Americans for having such an awesome system of was also fun watching the parties they went to...change is good, life is good...on we go...

Lee from Hawaii is the winner of the flower bead, that is fitting, since the bead kind of reminds me of the time I spent in Hawaii, I loved it there and would love to go back for a visit someday soon...

I have listed a few items for this week, not a lot of beads, but what I did manage to make are really yummy...I love the new colors I used in the two new focal look over to the right to see them...

The yummy bead above is a really a gorgeous purple wave bead I made with yummy silver glass, the colors are so much better in is about 28mm long, you can enter to win it by way of making a comment on this post, just say hello or tell me what you think of this bead & how you will use it in a design, as always the winner will be chosen at random by hubby in about a week...

As for me, there are some big changes coming our way, we are looking forward to another chapter, when I know more, I will let you is good

Thanks for stopping by...




ginny said...

Hi Jelveh:
I agree with all the you said about our new President. Only in America could we elect a new President such as President Obama and not have any violence--such as in other countries. We all need to come together for the good of our fellow citizens and our beloved country.
I think your giveaway bead this week is my all time favorite. I love the shape and how the colors blend! Absolutely gorgeous!
On another note, I am freezing my rear off! We had the lowest temperatue last night of the last six years. The low was 24 and it is still not above freezing although it is almost 11 AM. Man, give me my seventies and eighties back! I am a true Florida girl!

Jean said...

Hi Jelveh,
I think your life is very exciting, you travel a lot and get to see the world. If I won this bead I would slip it onto a leather cord and wear it all by itself. Simplicity & chic. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jelveh,
The give away bead looks gorgeous! I am doing some new charm necklaces and I think it would look gorgeous as the focal charm bead. Love your new beads you posted on Etsy...already purchased one set.
Have a great week!!!
Sandi from TX

victoriab said...

wow! that may just have to be your most gorgeous bead yet! i'm going to design a necklace around it, maybe with lots of amethyst. thank you jelveh!(i'm trying the power of positive thinking. i will win, i will win... LOL) i'm feeling especially inspired after watching history being made yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Good morning Jelveh,
It's not yet light here in Maui but I'm anticipating another beautiful day. Life is indeed good. We went to see Shanghai Circus last night and got home late, so I'm surprised that I'm up so early.
That was truly an awesome day yesterday, and I can understand why all those people wanted to be present for the inauguration, even if some were standing in the next county! What a historical day!
I hope your day is peaceful and happy.

Nancy said...

What a beautiful bead following a beautiful day yesterday. Hope is in the air, by all! I agree, this bead you are giving away is gorgeous! It needs to be the center of attention for sure.

Also love the new shape bead you mentioned. The shape and the colors!!
Ginny- I'm freezing here in Ohio too. We have what looks like 2 feet of snow accumulated on the ground (and everywhere else!) and our temps have been as low as 4 degrees in the last week. Brrr!!
Peace everyone!

Sue said...

Hi Jelveh,

Today I am concentrating on embracing change...God has a plan for each of us and I look forward to see the plan for me unfold. Lot's of long term stability items are being moved! Kind of like an earthquake.

In PDX the sun is out in January...very unusual and welcome.

Take good care,

PS. The bead is beautiful and if I win it would be the focus of a wonderful crochet rope.

Janette said...

Hi Jelveh,
I am so proud of our Country. I am so happy to have a man in charge that brings hope and dignity to the office of the President. I hope we can all work for the better good with Him!
I love the technical aspect of that bead as well as it being my favorite colors. I am doing viking knit at this time and can see it as the center piece of a wonderful bracelet. It has been a long time since I could do any work, but my hands are working again. I always love the precision and beauty you bring to the beads.
Happy torching,

Anonymous said...

Yes, 1/20 was a wonderful day for not just Americans but for people all over the world!

Your new bead is amazing! I do love rich blues and reminds me of ocean waves. I am still learning how to design and make jewelry but I would like to try using this as a focal on silver wire. I would make hammered, gentle curves out of the wire, then attach it all to thick hemp cord or black leather cord.

Sunshine to you!


Anonymous said...

I like this bead-especially the colors. I have not made any jewelry, but would like to try making a necklace with this bead.


Anonymous said...

hi jelveh, this is a spectacular bead! i think it would make a lovely focal pendant with a few rows of different gauge chains; nice and long.i can't wait to hear about your next exciting!!?? kind regards, lisa d., portland, oregon

Sue said...

I love that your flower bead is going to Hawaii!
When I first saw it, it made me think of the beautiful Hawaiian flowers.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! I just adore this bead! What a beautiful design!! I am a new substitute teacher and would love to make a necklace with this bead to wear to school when I'm working. It would add the perfect touch to many of my outfits and I'm sure the kids would love it too!
We are truly blessed to be a part of such history!! Watching the inauguration in a class full of first graders was neat. I was impressed with the questions that they had after the ceremony. They will always remember yesterday!
Have a fantastic day!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello Jelveh,

How are you?? Hope your doing good!

This bead is absolutely gorgeous and the colors are wonderful. I would love to have the opportunity to wear this bead on a simple chain to show off the wonderful color combination and design.

Take Care,


yarrow said...

hi jelveh - i live in northern canada but we too were glued to the TV - i really DO hope obama can help lead the country in a better direction !- love the colors of your new bead - can see it in a necklace of 3 strands (it being "the star")- we are regularly -15c at nite, heading down to -25c by the weekend!

Reeva said...

very pretty. i'd use it as a fob on my purse i just bought. it should pop against the yellow

Thanks for such a generous giveaway! I hope I'm chosen as the lucky winner!!!

shabbychicgirl831 said...

Hey Jelveh!

Beautiful Bead! Well all your beads are beautiful and each one special because it was made by you! Hey did you get my email?? I hope so if not I'll have to email you again.

Obama's speech was amazing! I stayed up all morning (I work graveyard shift) just to watch it.

My love to you and Martin!

Lewistown, MT

Anonymous said...

Love the colors in this bead and I love your new focals. I'm always talking about sunny Florida but its been anything but sunny. Last night it was 26, now that's cold for costal central Florida. The inauguration was awesome.

Nicole said...

Hi Jelveh, This bead is amazing! The colors have such depth and the little bumps are so inviting to touch or lick! HAHA!

Big hugs, girl, Nicole

LisaL said...

I will try again since my last post didn't make it.

I wanted to comment on the inaguration also... I think the best part of a new beginning is seeing so many people of different races come together for a common cause. Although our new president has his work cut out for him, I believe he has a great backing and the drive to make things better. I feel confident that we will make our United States a better place to live.

Jelveh.. the bead you have posted is absolutely gorgeous. I think it would look great as a necklace focal, purse pull, or a cell phone strap. Thank you for the opportunity to have a chance at winning another of your beautiful beads. -Lisa

Rickie said...

Beautiful give away bead, Jelveh! The winner is very lucky to have that coming their way. I'm also drooling over your desert amulet focal...if I could only figure out how to design necklaces better!!! Have a wonderful week!